Birds* of Hickory Hill Park, Iowa City
And a few rodents.)

by James Scheib

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House Wren 5/15/10

Black and White Warbler 5/15/10

Indigo Bunting 5/28/10

Northern Flicker 5/28/10

Yellow-billed Cuckoo 5/28/10

Rabbit 5/28/10

Cedar Waxwing 10/3/10
Hickory Hill Park

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10/4/10
Hickory Hill Park

Saw-whet Owl 3/1/11
Hickory Hill Park

Hermit Thrush 4/14/11
Hickory Hill Park

Saw-whet Owl 12/29/11
Hickory Hill Park

All photos in Hickory Hill Park or on Conklin Lane entrance road.